Mobidick Supertooth II

Mobidick Supertooth II

Mobidick Supertooth II

This is designed to be a totally portable wireless handsfree kit which will enable the user to communicate freely without holding the phone. This will work on any Bluetooth cellular phones available provided that they respect the Bluetooth protocol.

Don't forget: Drive safely and within the law.
Essentially the new law means that if you have to use a mobile phone while driving a vehicle then you must use some form of handsfree device.

It has an inbuilt rechargeable battery which can afford up to 15 hours talk time and up to 800 hours standby time.

For car use, The SuperTooth II must be placed wherein its microphone is directed to the mouth of the user. The pivot arm which has 0, 55 and 210 degrees orientation is designed to easily access the microphone in case you change the position of the Sun Visor. The dual sided magnetic clip mount allows for this handsfree to be both easily transferred from vehicle to vehicle, and for the sun visor to be in the up or down position whilst driving.

Magnetic Mounting
  • Metal mounting clip that can be installed on the drivers side sun visor, up or down.
  • Install and detach the SuperTooth with ease using the magnetic mounting clip.

    Strong 50mm speaker
  • Speaker provides crystal clear conversation.

    Easy access rotating speaker volume control
  • Allowing users to adjust the speaker volume to the desired level.

    Pick-up Button
  • Easily answer call button access with pick-up indicator

    Adjustable Pivot Arm with Built-in noise cancelling microphone
  • Adjustable angle for microphone mounted on unit.
  • Equipped with noise cancelling technology which detects voice only, eliminating excess background noise.

    Internal Digital Signal Processor (DSP) Technology
  • DSP filters both mic input and speaker output, giving communication clarity.
  • DSP omits obtrusive background noise.


  • Full duplex device
  • Bluetooth V1.1, Class II
  • Support handsfree and headset profile.
  • Compatible to any Bluetooth cellphones.
  • Talk Time: 15 hrs.
  • Standby Time: up to 800 hrs.
  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Built-in noise canceling microphone.
  • Adjustable volume control.
  • Smart Internal Digital Signal Processor DSP for noise cancellation and echo suppression.
  • Optimal sound quality.
  • Light indicators: Power, Pairing, Charging, Low Battery, Full-Charge.
  • Charging time (Australia): About 5 hours.
  • Charging time (UK / US / Europe): About 3 hours.
  • Strong 50mm speaker, High power neodyne type.
  • Battery Type: Rechargeable lithium ion.
  • Permits Multi-pairing.
  • Single Pick-Up/Hang-Up Button.
  • With Call Reject Button.
  • Weight : 133.3 g (kit without clip).
  • Sustains Voice Dialing (if phone supports).
  • Permits Redialing (for Handsfree profile only).
  • 0, 55, 210 Swivel Arm orientations for easy access of the microphone even when visor is open.
  • Portable and easy to use.
  • 10-meter range.
  • Compact size: 138x60x25 mm.
  • Re-Flashable.

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