Bluetooth Data Suite Mobidick BNU42 MA-730

Bluetooth Data Suite Mobidick BNU42 MA-730

Bluetooth Data Suite Mobidick BNU42 MA-730

Mobidick BNU42 MA-730 Bluetooth dongle is capable of speeding up data transfer.
Its easy modem setup helps users to connect the mobile phone to the Internet in just a few clicks. The support of VoIP facilitates users to chat on MSN/Skype using Bluetooth-enabled headset.
BNU42 MA-730 Bluetooth Data Suite is a powerful tool for daily mobile phone usage and will enrich your mobile phone experience.

Bluetooth Data suite brings effectiveness and efficiency to your life. With enhanced Bluetooth Manager, users can simply launch the Bluetooth Manager to connect with different Bluetooth devices. Mobidick BNU42 MA-730 Bluetooth Data Suite now supports OBEX file transfer. Send and receive files via OBEX seamlessly, wirelessly and instantly. *


  • Support VoIP: Handset Manager's Bluetooth dongle is able to connect PC and Bluetooth Stereo headset. Users can easily chat on Skype/MSN wirelessly.
  • User manuals and Handset Manager Lite are available in English, Traditional Chinese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Russian, Czech, Greek, Hungarian, Swedish, Polish and Portuguese..

    Handset Manager is ideal for mobile users to manage the data of their mobile phones. It supports most phones and most languages with most powerful features and easy-to-use interface.

  • Contact
    Edit, backup, and organize the personal Contacts on PC and upload to phone, synchronize Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express Contacts with mobile phone Contacts.

  • Photo Editor
    Spice up pictures taken with your camera phone by adding animation icons to make your picture vivid and turn it into your own wallpaper.

  • Video composer
    Compose and edit your video clips. Make your video unique by adding recorded sound, special effects, background music, text, and animations.

  • MP3 Clipper
    Select your favorite MP3 songs and clip your favorite parts, switch orders, and then upload to your mobile phone or share with your friends.

  • Message
    Send various formats of messages, i.e. text, ringtones, graphics to supportive mobile phones, allow group messaging and append personal signature in each message.

  • Ringtone
    Compose polyphonic ringtones with up to 128 different instruments and these will be unique ringtones for your mobile phone.

  • File Manager
    File Manager allows users to simply drag & drop files between mobile phone and PC.

  • Photo wizard
    An easy-to-use function that allows you to adjust color, balance, brightness..etc., so as to enhance photo quality. 16 kinds of special effects will turn your photo into a professional one.

  • Music manager
    Turn your mobile phone into iPod!
    Music Manager can import MP3 files from your PC and upload to your mobile phone.
    You’ll be able to sort your desired MP3 files by artist, album, and other criteria. Playlists and smart playlists allow simple management of your favorite MP3 files and easy upload to your mobile phone.

  • Synchonization
    Synchronize Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Notes of your Microsoft Outlook & Outlook Express with your mobile phone periodically and automatically.

  • Mobile Internet
    Access Internet/e-mail anytime and anywhere via GPRS/GSM.


  • Operating systems support: Microsoft Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP, Vista
  • Standards Compliance: Bluetooth V2.0 and USB V1.1 compliant
  • Radio Frequency Output Power: Bluetooth Class 2
  • Communication Distance: About 25m in normal environments
  • Dimension: 50mm x 18mm x 7mm (dongle)

    For Windows Vista support, please click here.

    * About OBEX - The Object Exchange Protocol

    OBEX (abbreviation of OBject EXchange) is a communications protocol that facilitates the exchange of binary objects between devices. It is optimized for ad-hoc wireless links and can be used to exchange all kind of objects like files, pictures, calendar entries and business cards.

    In fact OBEX does not specify the top or bottom API making it very flexible and can run over most Bluetooth. Today, OBEX is built in to devices like PDA's and mobile phones. Microsoft Windows has also built in with OBEX support.

    OBEX is the foundation for many Bluetooth higher-layer "profiles":
  • Generic Object Exchange Profile
  • Object Push Profile
  • File Transfer Profile
  • Synchronization Profile
  • Basic Imaging Profile

    The OBEX protocol is used to transport data objects such as address book contacts and files between mobile devices. Today it is the standard for Infrared-equipped mobile devices and a part of the Bluetooth protocol hierarchy. It has a defined set of operations that are used for handling and sending data.

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