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HDMI Splitter Mobidick VPSL182M - new features!

Be warmer! Pocket heater & PowerBank

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04/07/2018 Mobidick BLAAR29 released for European markets
Bluetooth Audio Adapter with optical port Mobidick BLAAR29 released for European and Russian markets.

02/02/2018 Mobidick BLAAR2 released for European markets
Mobidick BLAAR2 released for European and Russian markets.

01/18/2018 Mobidick BWAA18 support Bluetooth aptX Audio HiFi Sound
Mobidick BWAA18 support Bluetooth aptX Audio HiFi Sound. It continues Mobidick aptX Line-Up.

11/14/2017 Mobidick BWAA25 coninues Mobidick Lineup of Bluetooth aptX devices that support Wireless Audio HiFi Sound
Mobidick BWAA25 released. It support Bluetooth aptX Audio HiFi Sound. 

01/17/2017 HDMI-Extender Mobidick VLC3ET74 is released
New HDMI-Extender Mobidick VLC3ET74 matrix is released for US and EU markets.

10/27/2016 New line of HDMI-repeaters is released
New line of HDMI-repeaters is released

03/01/2016 HDMI Cable is not only solution to connect HD devices. VPWH12 is coming
Mobidick VPWH12 is designed to make the connection of your HDTV equipment more comfortable, even wirelss.

02/07/2016 Mobidick TV - it's not just a HD media player!
Mobidick-TV HiMedia supports wireless transfer of music, photos and video, it's a real computer based on Android.

02/03/2016 Get double! Full stereo wireless music
Disco TWIN - full stereo (L and R) wireless music for smartphone, tablet, computer or MP3 player.

08/04/2015 Thinking about safety? New Security Systems
Surveillance Camera Kit & IP Cameras

12/17/2012 Indefinite extension if HDMI signal!
Mobidick VLC3ET73 - HDMI network unlimited extender and converter

11/19/2012 1080? No, Ultra HD is better!
This is 4 times better than the Full HD! Splitters Mobidick VPSL124 and Mobidick VPSL144 supporting 4K * 2K (4096 x 2160) HDTV - are devices Ultra HD, a new stage of high-resolution video!

06/25/2012 Anons - Mobidick Supertooth Disco 2
Coming soon will be a new stereo Mobidick Supertooth Disco 2.
With everything and everywhere!

05/14/2012 HDMI Splitter Mobidick VPSL182M - new features!
The HDMI Splitter Mobidick 182M is designed with dual detection mode selection. Users can choose an appropriate detection mode before starting to connect and operate the HDMI Splitter.

12/15/2011 Be warmer! Pocket heater & PowerBank
WarmStone Heater is a pocket heater + Negative ions + Powerbank
double side heating design to keep you warmer

07/01/2011 Sales of the 3D-converter have begun
Mobidick VPC3D01 provides 2D to 3D converting functions, allowing you to watch your 2D content in 3D effect!
Mobidick VPC3D01 is also designed to work with 2D HDTV, 3D HDTV, and 3D DLP Projector.

04/14/2011 New cases for iPod Touch, iPod Nano
An iPod case doesnt just offer protection from dust and fingerprints, it also lets you outfit your iPod with your own sense of style. Choose from just about every possible color, material, and design.

03/10/2011 Colorful and stylish cases for iPhone 4
The maximum protection of your iPhone and your personality.

01/17/2011 New! HDMI-Splitter 1 x 8 with support 3D
HDMI splitter Mobidick VLSL180 supports video format 3D

09/03/2010 New line of cases for the Apple iPad
Stylish and functional accessories, a wide range of color design, unique materials and a variety of opportunities for users iPad.

02/15/2010 Renewed software for Possio GRETA
New features and improvements for Possio GRETA GSM Fax & Printer.

07/13/2009 Dolphin Touch - NU world 1st Waterproof Curved Touch pad MP3 Player!

  • FM stereo radio (87.5~108MHz)
  • Memory capability: 4GB

    01/27/2009 Possio GRETA GSM Portable Fax & Printer

  • Printer, Fax, Telephone, Scanner and Copier
  • Less than 1000 grams / 35 oz.

    09/03/2008 New MP3-player Dolphin
    MP3-player Dolphin in a complete set Lux: it is even more music and comfort!

    06/16/2008 Handset Manager News
    Sony Ericsson Z770i is supported by Handset Manager software now.

    05/27/2008 New addition to the Mobidick Supertooth models: Concierge is now not only a hands-free kit but also a road assistant
    By pressing the Concierge button you are automatically connected to the operator of the SMILINK call-center 0830 and can get a necessary information and assistance on the road.

    05/15/2008 New Bluetooth stereo speaker Mobidick Supertooth Disco is now on the Russian market!
    If you love comfort and good music this product is for you!
    Now you can listen to your favourite music anywhere!
    It is easy to use Mobidick Supertooth Disco both inside of the apartment and outside of it. You can take it with you on the beach and picnic, or anywhere you want!

    07/27/2007 Handset Manager news
    These new support will be available in the following 1 week: Samung U600, Nokia 3110 classic, Nokia 5070, Nokia 6110 navigator

    05/18/2007 Presentation Mobidick Supertooth Light
    On May, 18th, 2007 the presentation-seminar Supertooth-2007 devoted to new product Mobidick Supertooth Light and other new Mobidick goods has taken place in Moscow.

    03/20/2007 Windows Vista Support
    Mobidick supports Microsoft Windows Vista.

    03/14/2007 Learn more about wireless & water-resistant TV 15"
    No wires. No limitations.
    Water-resistant (IP-65 rated).
    Vivid and Colorful image.

    01/10/2007 3-player Dolphin is not afraid of some water
    For water rest and sports.

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