Mobidick VPWH11 HD Wireless sender

Mobidick VPWH11 HD Wireless sender

Mobidick VPWH11 HD Wireless sender

Mobidick VPWH11 is designed to make the use of your HDTV equipment more comfortable.

Mobidick VPWH11 is the ideal product for HD wireless application. Sometime you will find cable connection is not suitable, long HDMI cable is not available, or cable connection is not an option. You can use Mobidick VPWH11 for you HD wireless application. For example, Home Theater, cross room HD wireless, meeting room, or game room application.

Connection WHDI

Mobidick VPWH11 is designed with IR extending function. You will find easier remote control experience with the IR extending function when you try to control your Satellite Receiver, BD player or other source player.

Mobidick VPWH11 can support USB-HID devices (keyboard, mouse). When you use Mobidick VPWH11 for HD wireless transmission form PC to TV, you can use the function to control the PC from where the TV located.

Mobidick VPWH11 supports Transmitters and receivers multi-pairing. After pairing, you can select the source devices from Mobidick VPWH11 receiver.

Wireless HDMI

  • Support HDMI 3D format and 1080p wireless transmission.
  • 1 ms ultra low latency.
  • Support IR extending function.
  • Support USB-HID devices.
  • Support multiple TX & RX pairing.
  • HDCP compliant.
  • IR remote control.
  • Room to room HD wireless transmission.
  • Up to 30M L.O.S long distance transmission.
  • OSD (On screen display) control and source selection.

    Contents of Package:
  • Mobidick VPWH11 Transmitter main unit *1
  • Mobidick VPWH11 Receiver main unit *1
  • IR Remote controller *1
  • IR emitter *1
  • USB Cable (mini USB to USB type A male) *1
  • USB Cable (mini USB to USB type A female) *1
  • DC 5V/2A power adaptor *2
  • User Manual *1

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