3D Creator Mobidick VPC3D01

3D Creator Mobidick VPC3D01

3D Creator Mobidick VPC3D01

Mobidick VPC3D01 is designed to make the use of your HDTV equipment more comfortable.
It provides 2D to 3D converting functions, allowing you to watch your 2D content in 3D effect and 3D content on 2HDTV.
Mobidick VPC3D01 provides impressive 3D effects on 2D HDTV, 3D HDTV or 3D DLP Projector. On 2D HDTV, you can enjoy 3D effect by red/cyan glasses, no matter source contents are 2D or 3D. Not all 3D HDTV has built-in 2D/3D mode switch. However, users can convert 2D videos into 3D effect in real time on 3D HDTV simply by Mobidick VPC3D01.
3D ready DLP Projector is becoming popular for Home A/V Entertainment. However, most people can not enjoy 3D program on 3D ready DLP Projector easily, due to 3D format supporting problem. With Mobidick VPC3D01 users can easily watch their 3D content on 3D ready DLP Projector.

  • 2D to 3D real-time conversion
  • Enjoy 3D programs on current 2D HDTVs
  • Create 3D programs from 2D program for 3D TVs & 3D projectors
  • HDMI high-definition connection (Gold plated)
  • IR remote control
  • 3D effect level adjustment

    3D Source Devices:
      Digital TV STB, Satellite Receiver, Digital CATV Receiver, Media Player, 3D Blue-ray Player, Game Console.

    • Mode 1: 3D Program to 2D HDTV
    • Mode 2: 3D Program to 3D DLP
    • Mode 3: 2D Program to 2D HDTV
    • Mode 4: 2D Program to 3D HDTV
    • Mode 5: 2D Program to 3D DLP

    • Support 2D HDTV, 3D HDTV, and 3D DLP Projector
    • Support 3D Ready DLP Projector
    • HDCP compliant
    • Plug-and-Play
    • HDMI Input: HDMI Receiver (Type A 19-pin female) x1 / Gold plated
    • HDMI Output: HDMI Transmitter (Type A 19-pin female) x1 / Gold plated
    • Operation pixel frequency range: Link clock rate of 225 MHz
    • Single Link Range: 2.25 Gbps
    • HDMI DDC signal: 5Vp-p
    • Input video signal: 1.2 Vp-p max.
    • Remote control: Frequency carrier of 38 KHz
    • Power Supply: DC 5V/1A
    • Support output 3D format: * Frame sequential (DLP Link ) TM, * Side-by-side (Half), * Chequer board encoding (Red/Cyan)
    • Support input 3D format: * Side-by-side (Half),* Top & Bottom, * Frame Packing

    Contents of Package:
    • Mobidick VPC3D01 main unit
    • IR Remote controller
    • Red/Cyan glasses
    • DC 5V/1A power adaptor
    • User Manual

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