HDMI Converter Mobidick VLCV310

HDMI Converter Mobidick VLCV310

HDMI Converter Mobidick VLCV310

Mobidick VLCV310 HDMI Converter is a VGA (with audio) to HDMI Scaler + Component (with audio) to HDMI Scaler in one box.
It enables users to keep their non-HDMI source devices to use with more advanced HDMI input device. With Mobidick VLCV310 VGA + Component Video (YPbPr) + Audio signals can be converted to HDMI signal and up-scaled to standard HDMI resolution 1280x720 (720p).
It enables you to connect your PC to your HDTV, and when you want to play PSP, wii, PS2, PS3 games on your HDTV, just click the small button on the box to switch to YPbPr input to enjoy the true-to-life picture on your HDTV.

Rear panel:

Mobidick VLCV310 HDMI Converter

Connection Image:

Mobidick VLCV310 Connection

  • HDMI output: 720P
  • HDCP compatible: V1.2
  • Input: 1 VGA, 1 Component Video (YPbPr), 1 AUDIO Right, 1 AUDIO Left
  • Output: 1 HDMI
  • Support 5Gbps data transmission rate
  • Transmitter distance: 15 meters max
  • Operation temperature: 0..40C
  • Storage temperature: -20..60C
  • Power supply: DC 5V / 2A

PC resolution supported:

  • 640*480@60Hz, 640*480@75Hz, 640*480@85Hz
  • 800*600@60Hz, 800*600@75Hz, 800*600@85Hz
  • 1024*768@60Hz, 1024*768@75Hz, 1024*768@85Hz
  • 1280*720@60Hz,1280*768@60Hz,1280*800@60Hz,1280*960@60Hz

Optional YPbPr resolutions:

  • 480i@60 Hz, 480P@60 Hz
  • 576i@50 Hz, 576P@50 Hz
  • 720P@50 Hz, 720P@60 Hz
  • 1080i@50 Hz,1080i@60 Hz, 1080P@50 Hz, 1080P@60 Hz

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