Possio Greta

Possio Greta

Possio Greta

People all around the world become more mobile every day. The mobile phone was the invention that started this massive change in behavior. Today we don’t only bring our telephones, but also game consoles, music and video players and computers have become mobile. We work, communicate and enjoy ourselves everywhere.

Modern wireless technologies and devices have enabled professionals to bring their offices with them at home, in vehicles, in airports, restaurants and hotels. GRETA turns these offices real since she is a mobile printer, copier, scanner, fax and phone.

Trucks and other professional vehicles
Drivers of trucks and other professional vehicles are increasingly using computers either built in to the vehicle or carried by the driver. The use of the computers vary a lot but is typically a combination of specific applications for the company or industry and generic things like access to Internet and e-mail. And beyond the professional use most drivers use the computer also for personal matters and entertainment. GRETA is designed to turn these vehicle computers into small vehicle offices. Printing is available by simply connecting GRETA via an USB cable to the computer. And like in all offices the other typical All-in-One functions scanning, faxing and copying are neat to have available. But GRETA is also a phone which clearly makes her different to all other multi-function printers.

Road warriors
Sales representatives and service engineers have always been working on their own going by car from customer to customer. But many other professionals spend most of their time on the road as well. And in order to increase efficiency and customer satisfaction and save expensive office floor, companies are putting more and more people on the road. These so called road warriors have increasingly computers to use enterprise applications, to communicate internally and externally and to access Internet. GRETA complete the mobile office for the road warrior and when the day is over, they just bring their laptop and GRETA home or to their hotel.

Executives and other decision makers often ends up in situations where a quick decision rapidly communicated makes the difference between failure and success. GRETA is the perfect device to have available in such situations. “I just need to send a fax now”, “I need to print this letter”, “I need a copy of the confirmation”, etc. It’s a good idea to have a GRETA in the Executive Limo, in the conference center, in the boat, in the cabin, on vacation or in the car.

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  • Printer, Fax, Telephone, Scanner and Copier

    Phone features:
  • Phone book: YES (read and store on SIM-card)
  • Last Number Call: YES (last dialed number)
  • Quick Dial: YES (read and store on SIM-card)
  • Call Line ID Presentation (CLIP): YES (print out and/or on display)
  • Emergency calls: YES (possible without SIM card and blocked SIM)
  • Security PIN lock enabled
  • Keypad lock (manual or automatic)
  • Flight mode Use GRETA as printer/scanner with phone off

  • Thermal printer
  • Paper capacity 15 meter / 50ft. roll
  • Paper diameter 37 mm / holder hole diameter 11,5 mm
  • Approx. 50 A4 or Letter size print-outs

  • Print / Scan / Fax Standard (100dpi), Fine (200 dpi)

  • Display type White backlight LCD
  • Display size (L x W) 55 x 14 mm, 1 line
  • Characters Max. 16 characters Latin and numeric characters only

    Document memory


    Keyboard and light diodes:
  • Background illuminated keyboard and activity monitor

    Frequency bands:
  • Tri-band E-GSM900, GSM1800, GSM1900 (EU version)

  • Internal NIMH-battery

  • Up to 15h, depending on network conditions

    Power down mode:
  • Up to 120h

  • AC/DC adapter is included

  • External Antenna 12/24 V charger
  • Mounting Kit Carrying Case
  • Fax Paper

    Cellular interface:
  • Triple band Siemens MC55 and MC56 (US)

  • USB

    Working temperature:
  • -10 to +45 degrees centigrade

  • 10% to 70%

  • [ W ] 290 mm / 11,4 inches
  • [ D ] 150 mm / 5,9 inches
  • [ H ] 50 mm / 2 inches

  • Less than 1000 grams / 35 oz.

    GRETA Accessories:
    Charger 12-24V
    Soft carrying case
    Mounting kit
    Fax paper
    GRETA External antenna adapter
    Dualband Compenser Funkwerk MC-3000
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